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Purchased kirkland pulled pork hickory bbq 8/4 and prepared it based on packaged instructions.Open the pack and found very large chunks of Pork fat all throughout the package.

It was so gross it made me sick to look at it. Needless to say we did not eat it for dinner and I will never buy it again. I was told by the folks at the concessions that the kirkland bbq is the same brand that they serve as their bbq sandwich.

This is impossible!That is not true and they need to stop saying so.

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It's ANIMAL meat.What did you expect?

Go vegan and problem solved. Once people can see the animals they eat as sentient beings, these types of "complaints" will no longer be of issue.

I would assume you don't know that when this pig was slaughtered that it was still a baby with the intelligence of a human toddler?Once again, I have sympathy for the pig, not for the fact you found its body fat within your "meal."

to NM #853304

I agree with NM. Next time, go with something like veal. Baby cows are nowhere near as smart as a pig, so it's no big deal to eat them.

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